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Egycoat was established in 1999.

Egycoat is a completely owned subsidiary of El Baraka Group Of Industries. Baraka for Powder Coatings has been a job coater since 1991, since then Baraka for powder coatings executed most of the major projects in Egypt , which built a very good experience in the application of Powder Coating.

Location and Facilities

  • The premises of Egycoat is located at Oboor Industrial City, that is 12 Kms to the east of Cairo International Airport, with easy access to all industrial locations in Cairo Area.
  • The premises is on 3000 square meters land with production area of 1500m2. Also included an office building with R&D area.
  • Egycoat bought the machinery all German Made with Planetary Extruder.
  • A complete laboratory testing equipment and color matching software from Datacolor are also installed.

The market for Egycoat production in the first year was emphasizing at the local market in Egypt. It will be a normal progress to start selling the production in the Middle East region, East and North Africa region, which Egypt is considered to be the key country to these markets

Egycoat is buying the Know How and working under license from Tigerwerk, Austria, with full technical support and quality control inspections.

The products of Egycoat is Named Colorama Powder Coatings (registered trade mark)

an outside view of the plant

part of a production line